Researching a Properties History

Researching a property’s history can give a homeowner an exciting trip into the past.  More importantly, the information can be beneficial when making significant renovation decisions.  Here are a few search tips:

  • Start by visiting the local library and the communities historical society.  Consult newspapers and local history publications.  Census data records, marriage and death records, and insurance maps are also valuable sources of information.
  • The local assessor’s office keeps records of taxable home values. These records may have old appraisals on file with property details.
  • Visit  http://porch.com, a website where users upload information on remodels and projects that were completed at their homes.
  • Property abstracts chronicle any activities associated with parcel of land (including names of all property owners, how long holders were owners, and land pricing upon change of hands).  Contact a title company or real estate attorney to retrieve a properties abstract.

If you are considering a renovation project for your home, please contact Jamie Sutton.  Huntington Bank currently offers a number of flexible home renovation products.  She would be more than happy to discuss the options available to you.  As always, the right financing can make all the difference.



Credits: Jamie Sutton