Garage Cleaning Tips

Feeling overwhelmed with a cluttered garage? Here are a few tips from Houzz.com on how to get your messy garage organized.

  • Be realistic. Break the organization down into manageable chunks.
  • Do some reconnaissance. In other words, take note of the items in the garage, especially larger items.
  • Compile a local resource list. Decide where you want to take items that you no longer want to keep, whether it’s a container for trash, consignment store for old clothes, or a charity.
  • Schedule a weekend to start sorting & purging. It may take more than one weekend, depending on how much clutter there is in the garage. Be sure to schedule any pickups or rent a trash bin as needed.
  • Sort what’s left into “zones.” Sort any remaining items into categories (gardening, holidays, sports, etc.). Then, pile them neatly.
  • Dispose of hazardous items safely. Take items, such as paint, motor oil, and fertilizers, to a hazardous waste facility.
  • Invest in a proper storage setup. Invest in storage cabinets and wall-mounted storage. Also, consider switching from cardboard boxes to plastic bins that will last longer.
  • Three main types of garage storage.
    • Overhead- best for items used occasionally (holiday décor).
    • Wall-mounted- prevents moisture damage by keeping items off the floor.
    • Locked cabinets- essential for storing chemicals.
  • Move frequently used gear near the entrance. Keep items that are frequently used near the front of the garage.
  • Keep it going. The key to having an organized garage is to not think of it as a “dumping ground” for all the unwanted items in the house.